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  • Introducing the Impact Investing Benchmark

    According to a new report by global investment advisor Cambridge Associates and the Global Impact Investing Network, private impact investment funds with social impact goals have posted positive financial returns within about 1 percent of funds that place higher importance to financial gains. According to......

  • Developing a global financial centre for impact investment

    A new report Developing a Global Financial Centre for Social Impact Investment, commissioned by the City of London Corporation and produced by PwC, explores what methods leading financial centres in this field – such as London, might undertake to sustain such global growth. The research......

  • From the archives: Jed Emerson on sustainable vs. impact investing

    Socially-responsible investing, sustainable investing, impact investing. Are they different or more of the same? In this thought-provoking piece in the Stanford Social Innovation Review, Jed Emerson (@Blended Value) gives a whirlwind overview of developments in socially-oriented investment strategies and makes the case that sustainable investment......

  • M&A in impact investing. Did Goldman Sachs just join in?

    Goldman Sachs Asset Management (GSAM) has announced the acquisition of Imprint Capital Advisors, an institutional impact investing firm. Global head of ESG Investing, Hugh Lawson, characterised the acquisition as “critical to address the needs of our clients”. The company announced the goal of building “a......

  • London’s role in impact investing

    A new report published by the City of London Corporation explores London’s role as a centre for impact investment. Whilst there is often rhetoric around London’s leading role in impact investing, this report sets out a framework to consider what makes a world class financial centre. Using......

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