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Development Director, Ahead Partnership

Location: Greater UK

Ahead Partnership are a non-profit aiming to connect the private, public and community sectors to achieve mutual benefit from business growth, educational improvement and regeneration.

They are hiring a Development Director, who will drive the acquisition of new business across the UK.


Social Entrepreneur Supporter, UnLtd

Company: UnLtd Location: Greater UK

UnLtd are hiring for their Social Entrepreneur Supporter traineeship. Social Entrepreneur Supporters will undertake a 12 month programme of learning and skills development whilst working as part of UnLtd’s Award Manager Teams. During the course of the 12 months the Social Entrepreneur Supporters will be exposed to a range of UnLtd’s work and receive training in areas including leadership, collaboration and creativity


Policy Catalyst, UnLtd

Company: UnLtd Location: London

UnLtd, the social enterprise network, are hiring for their Policy team. The role focuses on the engagement of politicians, policy makers, think tanks, industry bodies, corporations and other public and private institutions that influence the environment in which social entrepreneurs operate.


Associate, Unltd

Company: UnLtd Location: London

UnLtd Associates are self-employed consultants who occasionally contribute to the delivery of UnLtd’s programmes. UnLtd Associates share our values and have the skills and experience to provide the highest quality of support to social entrepreneurs. UnLtd Associates possess relevant experience gained through previous employment at UnLtd or as a social entrepreneur or as a supporter of social entrepreneurs.


Programme Manager, The Real Farming Trust

Location: Greater UK

The Real Farming Trust, a charity advocating sustainable farming, is hiring a programme manager for a newly launched initiative - Just Growth. The programme aims to help “real farming” enterprises run by/for communities become financially viable with a mix of grants, loans, community funding and business support. It’s funded by Esmee Fairbairn with loans provided by Cooperative and Community Finance.



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