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  • Big Sustainability Trends in 2017

    Generation Investment Management has released its 2017 Sustainability Trends Report – the first of its kind after 13 years in operation. The report investigates 5 areas where Generation’s research and investment teams have seen significant advances in sustainability: Mobility, Energy, Built Environment, Food Systems, Wellbeing.  In......

  • As a positive investor, can you create real impact? 

    When do impact investments create real change? This panel debate on Stanford Social Innovation Review’s website features leaders from the U.S. and U.K. impact and sustainable investing world weighing in on the question. Bridges Ventures says focus on under-served geographies; Big Society Capital says look......

  • Ashoka Launches Social Investment Toolkit

    In case you missed it, Ashoka announced the launch of its Social Investment Toolkit, working with UBS. The Toolkit covers an introduction to social change, measuring impact, business model, scaling strategy, financial model, legal structure, financing terms, and pitch. The order of the modules is telling:......

  • Climate change attention shifts to water

    The Carbon Disclosure Foundation (CDF) published its latest report examining investments across its corporate members. The Global Water Report 2017 notes 535 companies (70%) now have board level oversight of water issues. Diageo, Colgate, Palmolive and Nestle, are now attaching values to water use in order to account for social......

  • HMG Clean Growth Strategy is published

    An ambitious strategy setting out how the UK is leading the world in cutting carbon emissions to combat climate change while driving economic growth was published 12 October 2017 by Business and Energy Secretary Greg Clark. ‘The Clean Growth Strategy: Leading the way to a low carbon......

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