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  • Announcing the Finance Matters Advisory Group

    Finance Matters was founded in 2012 by finance professionals Madeline Evans and Roberta Benedetti del Rio. In 2018, the Finance Innovation Lab took up hosting of the Finance Matters community. This year, we are building on Finance Matters’ strong foundations to develop additional pathways and support......

  • Finance for the Future Awards 2019 (Entries Open)

    The Finance for the Future Awards are now open for entries. The awards look for organisations and individuals that are supporting the integration of sustainability into financial decision making. The awards are free to enter and open to all individuals and organisations globally including businesses, charities, social......

  • Intrapreneurs in Finance: Creating Positive Change from Within

    Finance Matters is a community hosted by the Finance Innovation Lab, supporting professionals who are committed to innovating within their organisations so they better serve people and planet. In this blog, Head of Intrapreneurship, Lydia Hascott, shares some of the key frameworks we’re using to approach......

  • Entries Open: Young Banker of the Year 2019

    Entries are now open for the 2019 Young Banker of the Year competition. Hosted by the Chartered Banker Institute, this year’s challenge is as follows: “What idea would you implement in your own organisation to improve outcomes for some or all of the following groups: customers,......

  • Promoting Economic Pluralism

    Promoting Economic Pluralism (PEP) is launching an accreditation scheme to identify, recognise and encourage university masters programmes that take a pluralist approach to teaching economics. PEP advocates for the mainstreaming of economic pluralism – recognising that there are multiple ways of thinking about, teaching and......

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