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  • Pension funds warned of possible legal action on climate

    BusinessGreen reports that environmental legal charity ClientEarth has written to 14 large pension funds in the UK, outlining how they could face legal action if they do not do more to respond to the risks posed by climate change. The letter outlines how they are......

  • Chartered Banker Institute launches new Green Finance Certificate

    The Chartered Banker Institute has launched the world’s first professional qualification in green finance: The Green Finance Certificate.  Finance Matters’ partners The Finance Innovation Lab are proud to have authored the textbook for the course, which covers: The scientific background to green finance, including climate change......

  • UNEP releases new climate methodology for banks

    Sustainable Brands reports that the UN Environment Finance Initiative (UNEP FI), in partnership with climate risk advisory firm Acclimatise, has published a new report, Navigating a new climate, containing methodologies to support the banking industry to understand and assess climate risks and opportunities. The methodologies......

  • Banks join fight against climate change

    Bloomberg reports that several of Europe’s biggest banks have announced new sustainable finance initiatives, representing the growing willingness of financial institutions to get involved in climate action. Examples mentioned include a sustainable investing strategy at UBS, a colour-coded risk ranking related to the environmental credentials......

  • Evidence of demand for ethical investment continues to grow

    Good with Money has collated a useful selection of reports from the last few years that show that the demand for ethical investment options is here, and growing. The reports, including from The Global Sustainable Investment Alliance, UKSIF and Morgan Stanley, offer a range of......

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