December 2015

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Governance for social enterprise

Our weekly editor, Sarah, draws upon her experience as an investment associate at Numbers for Good to highlight the importance of governance structures for social enterprises. The effectiveness of established governance structures is often taken as a given; however, social sector organisations raising early rounds of  investment or substantially scaling their...

Climate Change agreements reached in Paris

As COP21 comes to a close in Paris "the main emotion is relief" reports the BBC. Global leaders met to negotiate global commitments to climate change. Key features of the agreement include a pledge to keep global temperature increases well below 2C as well as unlocking up to...

Landmark £10m impact investing deal reached

HCT Group, a social enterprise, recently raised a landmark £10m from a variety of impact investors. The deal is reported to be one of the largest UK impact investments made in a front line social organisation. HCT Group operates buses, including in London, and reinvests profits...

Big bets in philanthropy

The Stanford Social Innovation Review recently published an article exploring the use of 'big bets' in philanthropy and the apparent gap between the rhetoric and reality of donors supporting innovation in social change. The research explores donations over $10million dollars finding that only 20% of these...

COP21: What has been achieved in Paris climate talks so far?

COP21 is currently taking place in Paris with global leaders convening to talk all things climate. The first draft of a global agreement on climate change has been negotiated amidst cautious optimism for the final week of talks ahead, the Guardian newspaper reports.  Key discussion points...