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Finance Matters supports purpose-driven finance professionals to build an industry that serves people and planet. We were founded in 2012 by Madeleine Evans and Roberta Benedetti del Rio, and as of 2018 Finance Matters is now hosted by Finance Innovation Lab, a charity working for a democratic, responsible and fair financial system. 

Finance Matters works with individual finance professionals and with financial institutions themselves to align finance with a broader societal purpose.

We provide the networks, knowledge and tools for finance professionals to embed purpose at the heart of their institutions through workshops, events, peer coaching and leadership development opportunities.

We also work directly with financial institutions to deliver bespoke engagements at the intersection of purpose-driven financial innovation, leadership development and organisational design.


Anna Laycock

CEO, Finance Innovation Lab

Lydia Hascott

Head of Intrapreneurship, Finance Innovation Lab

Naomi Alexander Naidoo

Community Manager, Finance Innovation Lab



We are a community of professionals using finance for good. From networking events to peer coaching groups, workshops and retreats, we connect you with likeminded individuals and experts who share and shape your views.


We host workshops, retreats and convenings on key topics in responsible and sustainable finance. If we don’t offer it, we connect you with great development opportunities with other organisations.


We believe finance professionals are uniquely placed to transform finance from the inside out, and it’s our job to equip you with the things you need to create change yourself.


Mikael Down

Executive Director
Banking Standards Board

Nana Francois

Head of Cash Strategy & Business Performance
Barclays Africa Group

Maggie De Pree

Co-Founder & Global Catalyst
The League of Intrapreneurs

James Vaccaro

Special Advisor
Triodos Bank

Rob Lake

Authentic Investor

Charlotte Millar

New Economy Organisers Network

Madeleine Evans

Finance Matters


We share the belief that the finance can be a force for good. We also recognize that the financial system of the future will be what we make it.

As Gen Y women working our way through the City’s top financial institutions, we have found many opportunities to have a greater impact with our roles – from the way we serve clients, to the products we design, to the values we uphold and even what we do with our income. This is inspiring, and daunting.

On our own journey to do things differently, we’ve learned a lot about what works. We have a good idea about when you need guidance, when you need knowledge, when you need inspiration, and when you just need a connection to that right person who will get you on your way. We started Finance Matters in 2012 as part of this journey.

Finance Matters is designed to help you take advantage of the opportunities you have to increase your own impact on our society & environment. We want you to have access to inspiring peers and leaders, to get short and sweet guidance on new models like impact investing or on the relevance of climate change for our industry, and to get referrals to the right impact-focused job or volunteer opportunity for you. Being able to share your stories of success with others through our online and offline community is icing on the cake.

We’re building Finance Matters as we grow, to help you grow, too.

Madeleine Evans and Roberta Benedetti del Rio