What Comes of Paris Climate Accord Without U.S. ?

04 Jun What Comes of Paris Climate Accord Without U.S. ?

A summary of the story evolving so far…

In the wake of U.S President Donald Trump announcing the intention for the US to withdraw from the 2015 Paris accord June 1st Jess Shankleman on Bloomberg, provides a useful Q&A of what comes of the accord without the U.S. Of the almost 200 developing and developed countries signing up to the accord, the US would join Syria and Nicaragua on the outside looking in writes Shankleman. Further Shankleman elaborates the U.S. withdrawal from the Paris climate accord doesn’t necessarily kill it, since participation is voluntary. But without American involvement, the global effort to cut greenhouse-gas emissions stands even less chance of achieving targets that scientists say would avert catastrophic climate change.

As reported in the Guardian amongst others, EU officials quickly voiced their intention to cut out the White House to deal directly with the US states and major corporations, many of whom have already pledged to live by the terms forged in Paris.

Edward Wong of The New York Times writes, China must now be the world’s standard-bearer by default while trying to resolve sharp internal divisions on its own energy future. Its leaders insist that nations should abide by the Paris agreement, despite the decision by President Trump to withdraw from the accord.

Further, Michael Bloomberg pledged his own money to help U.N. after Trump pulls out of Paris climate deal as reported in Washington Post amongst others. Bloomberg’s charitable organization, Bloomberg Philanthropies, pledged to shoulder the United States’ share in the operating costs of the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change, the organization’s climate negotiating body in charge of helping developing countries full-fill environmental requirements under the 2015 pact.

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