ExxonMobil’s 2016 Mock Integrated Report

26 Mar ExxonMobil’s 2016 Mock Integrated Report

When introduced to the idea of integrated reporting – communicated how an organisation creates value in the short, medium and long term – companies typically raise three concerns: complexity, cost, and litigation risk. To address these issues, Bob Eccles of Said Business School and Mike Krzus, a global authority on integrated reporting, have created a mock 2016 integrated report for ExxonMobil based on publicly available data.

Integrated reporting is a broad framework for business and investment decisions that are long term, inclusive and with purpose. The ExxonMobil report took around 40 hours to create – challenging cost and complexity concerns – and since it is based on data in the public domain, the authors argue that there is no increase in litigation risk. You can read about their experiment in ‘Constructing ExxonMobil’s First Integrated Report: An Experiment’ and Bob’s article on Forbes.com.