For Institutions

Finance Matters supports financial institutions to embed purpose into the heart of business strategy, operations and culture.

We design and deliver bespoke engagements which enable institutions to:

  • Define an organisational purpose that contributes to a financial system that serves people and planet
  • Align strategy and operations with that broader societal purpose
  • Develop leadership capabilities at all levels, to embed purpose into organisational culture and decision-making


Our work sits at the intersection of organisational design, leadership development and financial innovation.






“Seeking to bring genuine social purpose to finance, the Lab offers both philosophical and practical alternatives, successfully bringing civil society and industry perspectives together to seek, define and pilot radical solutions. The Chartered Banker Institute has been delighted to support the Lab’s Fellowship programme for the past 2 years, and to work with the Lab team to develop a new Green Finance qualification for our sector.

– Simon Thompson, CEO, Chartered Banker Institute 


“Since my first dealings with the Lab many years ago, I’ve always been impressed with their convening ability, bringing together actors from across finance, economics, policy, and entrepreneurship. The Lab’s systemic analysis of the financial system is razor-sharp, and their methods for creating change are already bearing fruit – and that is thanks to the hard work, dedication, and aptitude of their staff members. Human, personable, and empathetic, the Lab is led by a team of doers and achievers.” 

– Fionn Travers-Smith, CSBA Banks 


“What the Lab fundamentally gives is hope. It’s where people like me come to believe there’s a better future for finance. The Lab is where we find each other and support each other to make that future a reality.”

– Julia Groves, Head of Crowdfunding, Downing LLP




To explore how Finance Matters might support your financial institution to embed purpose in the heart of business as usual, contact Head of Intrapreneurship, Lydia Hascott on