Green bonds are expected to reach more than $130 billion in 2017

28 Sep Green bonds are expected to reach more than $130 billion in 2017

Bloomberg New Energy Finance published its most recent analysis and revealed that green bonds issuance is set to reach $134.9 billion by the end of 2017, a new record so far. Year to date, green bonds issuance has been $96 billion and another $39 billion is anticipated for the next months.

If the almost $135 billion projection comes true, it will be an increase of 36 percent in relation to 2016, which saw $99.1 billion of green bonds in total. In 2015 $50 billion of green bonds were issued, in 2014 $36.6 billion, and in 2013 $14.8 billion. Southern Company’s subsidiary Southern Power Co is said to be largest US green bond issuer to date, since it has issued over $3 billion worth of green bonds destined for investment in clean energy since 2015.

Michael Sheren, Adviser to the Bank of England and co-Chair of 20’s Green Finance Study Group had commented earlier this year that financial innovation in creating new types of green bond will keep demand growing. “There’s about $100 trillion of institutional money in the world, and less than 1 percent is invested in anything green”. He had added: “We have to make it palatable to institutional investors. Green bonds are the best instrument to do this”.

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