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In The Media

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how to scale your impact

How can you scale your impact?

Our co-founder’s easy-to-read review of communities and programmes that help you scale your impact, posted on PhilanthropyU.

resources for careers with purpose

Resources for careers with purpose

A guide to resources for careers with purpose, written by Finance Matters co-founder Madeleine Evans, featured in the Philanthropreneurship Forum.

finance innovation lab

Why intrapreneurship in finance?

Finance Matters co-founder Madeleine Evans blogs for the Finance Innovation Lab on why intrapreneurship is essential in finance and the characteristics that make you an intrapreneur.

beyond me’s leadership series

Put sustainability at the heart of finance

BeyondMe’s Alice Gray interviews Madeleine Evans of Finance Matters on social finance, the imperative of social business for building a sustainable future, and the role of generosity in leadership.


Shift in career values means millennials in finance jobs want more than money.

The ‘work for us and we’ll make you rich’ proposition no longer appeals to new generation that wants to create a better society.


Today’s young finance professionals and the shift to a sustainable economy

Ending poverty, counteracting the drama of climate change, these are just some of the challenges that our generation is bound to face. Promoting sustainable investments, young finance professionals could play a key role in accelerating a solution.


Banks try to protect their young *

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Expert views: sustainability and business education

We asked MBA students, business leaders and professors to share their views on how sustainability is integrated into business education, here’s what they said.

the market mogul


Madeleine Evans: Using finance to change the world for the better

Madeleine co-founded Finance Matters, a London-based social enterprise, to provide a partner to finance professionals grappling with the challenge of incorporating an awareness and contribution to social & environmental issues into work in the mainstream financial industry.