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Join the Finance Matters Intrapreneur Community

Are you working on an initiative that could transform finance for the better from within your organisation?

At times it can feel isolating, overwhelming and like you’re not clear what step to take next. You could really do with a space for thinking, practical tools and support.

Our Intrapreneur Community is designed to provide just that. Members are connected with likeminded peers from across institutions and can opt-in to participate in any of the following:

  • Events
  • Peer coaching circles
  • Workshops & training opportunities
  • Leadership development programmes
  • Networking opportunities with fellow intrapreneurs, fintechs, non-profits, academics and more


It is currently free to be a member of the Intrapreneur Community. Some initiatives have a participation fee to help us cover costs – but you only pay for what you choose to attend.




For us, being an intrapreneur doesn’t have to mean creating a new product or service. Creating change in finance could look like advocating for new KPI’s based on creating long term value, building an internal network of colleagues who care about positive impact or committing to raising social/environmental considerations in every product meeting.

The Finance Matters Intrapreneur Community is designed for individuals who meet all three of the following criteria:

  1. Finance professionals: Professionals employed at a financial institution in the UK.
  2. Internal changemakers: Those working on a project that is changing finance for the better from within their organisation. (Projects could be: a product, service, culture change initiative, process/policy change, HR initiative, industry collaboration etc.)
  3. Seeking Support: Those who would value connecting with peers, learning from experts and developing new skills to transform finance for the better.


Contact if you’d like to chat about whether you’re eligible to join the Intrapreneur Community.




“What the Lab fundamentally gives is hope. It’s where people like me come to believe there’s a better future for finance. It’s where we find each other and support each other to make that future a reality.”
Julia Groves – Head of Crowdfunding, Downing LLP and Former CEO, Trillion Fund


“It is so rare to have a group so intimate and focused on helping each other. I honestly can’t think of another opportunity like this!”
Intrapreneur Community Member


“Probably the difference between giving up and persevering.”
Workshop Participant



Joining the Finance Matters Intrapreneur Community is by application only. Being part of the community means you'll be sent email invitations to community activities. Membership is free. Apply to join by completing the form below.
  • Please briefly introduce yourself and the initiative you are working on. This will help us understand your eligibility for joining the Intrapreneur Community.