Investing in a just transition

11 Jun Investing in a just transition

A new paper from the Grantham Research Institute argues that while investors are increasingly taking action on climate change issues, few are integrating social concerns into their strategies – tackling not only the challenge of ‘stranded assets’, but also the risk of ‘stranded workers’ and ‘stranded communities’.

Investing in a just transition identifies six reasons why investors need to take an active role in a ‘just transition’ to a more sustainable and inclusive economy. These include aligning investor practice with international goals and standards, notably around human rights, labour standards and the Sustainable Development Goals, and enhancing understanding of systemic risks by connecting the climate change and inequality agendas.

The report authors are seeking feedback on three key questions to shape further research:

  • How can the case for investor action on the just transition be deepened?
  • How can investor guidance on the just transition be most useful and effective?
  • How can investors become part of cross-sector collaborations on the just transition?

You can read the report and submit your feedback here.