Head of 2019 Conference – Finance for a Sustainable Future

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10 Mar Head of 2019 Conference – Finance for a Sustainable Future

Function: Volunteer Company: Finance for a Sustainable Future Duration: Part-Time Location: Flexible / Work From Home

Finance for a Sustainable Future is a Europe-wide initiative working to improve sustainability skills among junior finance professionals. We are a team of 9 volunteers, and we’re looking for a Head of 2019 Conference.

We have already organised the first Europe-wide conference on sustainable finance for students and junior finance professionals. At the conference we had speakers from the LSE (Nick Robins and Dr. Richard Perkins), UN PRI and sustainability-focused investment firms managing more than €3 trillion. We have also been recognised by the UN’s Environmental Program and McKinsey. You can read more information about our initiative at: www.financeforasustainablefuture.org and send any questions to contact@financeforasustainablefuture.org.

We are now working to scale our initiative further and as a result we are looking for talent to fill key leadership roles on a voluntary basis.



Key responsibilities: Leading the 2019 Finance for a Sustainable Future conference. You will be responsible for (i) logistics; (ii) marketing (both to participants and sponsors); (iii) hiring and managing a team; and (iv) preparing materials ahead of the conference

Note: (i) You are encouraged to hire at least one team member to support you; (ii) the conference will take place in October/November 2019

Time commitment: Less than 5 hours per week on a regular basis, likely more in the last month before the conference. You are expected to be available during the conference, which will last 2-3 days.



  • Send your CV and a short (1/2 page) cover letter to contact@financeforasustainablefuture.org
  • In the cover letter, please answer these three questions: (i) What role are you applying for? (ii) Why are you interested in joining the Finance for a Sustainable Future team? (iii) What makes you a good fit for the role?
  • Note: applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis, so please apply as soon as possible



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