Verification & Impact Analyst – Affirmative Investment Management

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03 Jan Verification & Impact Analyst – Affirmative Investment Management

Company: Affirmative Investment Management Duration: Full-Time Salary: Negotiable Location: London

Affirmative Investment Management (AIM) is a dedicated impact bond asset management company. All our investments support the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the global Paris Agreement on climate change. AIM is a small-sized company with a global presence in the UK, US and Australia.

Overall purpose of the role

Verification is central to AIM’s business and the impact bond universe that the Verification & Impact team must review is growing rapidly. Verification includes environmental, social and governance (ESG) analysis, but goes beyond ESG to analyse context and impact footprint. It includes critical assessments on disclosure and impact reporting.

The impact bond universe primarily consists of use-of-proceeds green, social and sustainability bonds, as well as unlabeled pureplay bonds. The team undertakes analysis of new issues on tight deadlines, and at the same time monitors and engages with issuers in AIM’s SPECTRUM universe. The Analyst will support the Verification & Impact team’s analysis and impact reporting commitments, including working with AIM’s internal database system which links to compliance and trading systems.


Responsibilities include

Verification analysis

  1. Analyse impact bond frameworks and issuers against AIM’s proprietary ESG and impact verification SPECTRUM framework.,
  2. Maintain relationships with impact bond issuers under Analyst regional coverage.,
  3. Research on emerging sectors/thematic research to support verification,
  4. Collaborate with impact bond market participants, such as industry working groups,


Impact measurement and data aggregation

  1. Contribute to use of proceeds and impact data collection for AIM’s investments.,
  2. Assist in the production of AIM’s quarterly and annual impact reports.,
  3. Work with our climate data partners to calculate climate impact of our portfolios.,


Verification and Impact data administration

  1. Maintain data (process, flow and quality) in internal ESG databases.,
  2. Work with large datasets related to the impact bond market, AIM’s investments and funded projects.,


Requirements for the role


  1. Excellent low-carbon transition and sustainable development awareness, research and analytical skills,
  2. Ability to critically evaluate both qualitative and quantitative data and research,
  3. Passion for the Green and SDG/Social/Sustainability agenda and the low carbon & climate resilient future,
  4. Strong research and writing skills for research reports,
  5. Team work/collaborative working style but also able to carry out research work independently,
  6. Ability to analyse and improve Verification and Impact processes and operational efficiencies,
  7. Excel skills: knowledge and ability to perform basic tasks and analysis in excel, including pivot tables and manage large datasets,
  8. PowerPoint skills: knowledge and ability to build presentations in PowerPoint,
  9. Right to work in the UK,


  1. Familiarity with use-of-proceeds bond concept and impact bond market,
  2. Experience with climate data analysis,
  3. Understanding of the needs of a low-carbon transition strategies and technologies,
  4. General understanding of the financial system, the role of supranational banks and public-sector entities in driving the SDG agenda,
  5. Confidence in critiquing academic quantitative/statistical research methods and results,
  6. Fluency in other languages in addition to English,


Experience and/or education

AIM will prioritise applicants with technical expertise in researching key low-carbon sectors such as renewable energy, clean transport and strong quantitative skills.

  1. Undergraduate or postgraduate degree in a related field, such as climate and environmental studies, preferred but not essential OR,
  2. Minimum 3 years relevant work experience.


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