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The Intrapreneur: Confessions of a Corporate Insurgent by Gib Bulloch ()

Categories: Intrapreneurship

Book synopsis:

Today, over half of the largest economies in the world are global businesses – controlled by the few, and impacting the many. Business clearly has the power to change the world – but what if we, as individuals, had the power to change the world of business?

For over a decade, Gib Bulloch led a corporate “guerrilla movement” within one of the world’s largest global consulting organisations. Against the odds, he created a not-for-profit inside one of the most profit driven corporations in the world. Plaudits, prizes and promotions followed.

But success came at a price: It ultimately cost him his job, his health and perhaps even his sanity as he found himself the unlikely resident of a psychiatric hospital in Glasgow.

The Intrapreneur is an honest and insightful critique of the “craziness” of today’s business environment – and a call to action for a new breed of social activist working within, about to join or completely disillusioned by today’s business world.

Finding your purpose… can feel like losing your mind.

Access the book here.

Millennial Voices: stories from the heart of the investment industry ()

Categories: Intrapreneurship

Published by Authentic Investor, Millennial Voices is a collection of six short articles written by people aged between their late twenties and late thirties working in the investment industry in Canada, the Netherlands, the UK and the US. The authors write with passion and sometimes pain about their struggles to align their sense of purpose with the culture and values of their organisations; the compromises they feel they have to make; and their views on the changes the industry needs to make.

Access the report here.

Insecure Overachievers ()

Categories: Intrapreneurship

A BBC Radio 4 segment (28 min).

Leaders of elite professional firms and financial institutions reveal the secrets of the workplaces where thousands of bright, eager graduates apply to join every year.

Listen here.

The Intrapreneurship Ecosystem ()

Categories: Intrapreneurship

This business guide provides a framework for understanding the Intrapreneurship Ecosystem – the complex set of processes, practices, resources and relationships which collectively serve to facilitate or inhibit intrapreneurship and social innovation.  It is a key output of the Intrapreneur Systems Challenge which was jointly hosted by Business Fights Poverty and The League of Intrapreneurs with support from DFID, CEMEX and The BMW Foundation. The guide identifies key components of the intrapreneurship ecosystem and suggests practical steps that companies can take to strengthen the supporting environment for social innovation inside their organisations.

Access the report here.