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The Purpose of Finance ()

Categories: Purpose Driven Business

The Purpose of Finance Why Finance Matters: Building an industry that serves its customers and society

In a ground breaking publication, David Pitt-Watson and Dr Hari Mann explain that a focus on purpose, rather than culture, is essential to helping financial services rebuild trust with society.

Access the paper here.

Reforming Business for the 21st Century: A framework for the future of the corporation (pdf)

Categories: Purpose Driven Business

Corporations were originally established with clear public purposes. It is only over the last half century that corporate purpose has come to be equated solely with profit. This has been damaging for corporations’ role in society, trust in business and the impact that business has had on the environment, inequality and social cohesion. In addition, globalisation and technological advances are exacerbating problems of regulatory lag.

The Future of the Corporation is one of the most ambitious programmes of research to have been undertaken to date on the current state and future prospects of business. Its remit is to consider the implications of economic, environmental, political and social challenges, and scientific and technological opportunities for the future development of business. It is organised by the British Academy, the UK’s national body for the humanities and the social sciences.

Access the full report here.