Social Investment Intelligence Network releases its first report

01 May Social Investment Intelligence Network releases its first report

While there is plenty of available research on the demand from investors for social investment opportunities – and periodic research into the demand for finance from charities and social enterprises – there is little ongoing, up-to-date information available about the nature of this demand for finance.

The Social Investment Intelligence Network (SIIN) seeks to address this problem by bringing together a group of charity and social enterprise leaders from around the country, to provide their informed perspectives on developments in the social investment market and discuss how the market could work better for their organisations and others in their regions and sectors.

The Network’s first report, released in April, highlights the challenges securing unsecured finance for charities and social enterprises, as well as some remarkably negative experiences of specialist social and environmental banks. Other key sources of finance mentioned by Network panelists include peer-to-peer lending and, perhaps surprisingly, credit card processors.

You can read more in the first report here, or read a useful analysis by Seb Elsworth, CEO of Access, here.