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Money managers team up with charities to offer ethical investment products

The Economist has an interesting piece on Impact Shares - a non-profit money manager who is developing exchange-traded funds in partnership with non-profits. Impact Shares has drawn on the expertise and experience of non-profits to determine criteria for ethical stocks around particular social justice issues....

Social Investment Intelligence Network releases its first report

While there is plenty of available research on the demand from investors for social investment opportunities – and periodic research into the demand for finance from charities and social enterprises – there is little ongoing, up-to-date information available about the nature of this demand for...

The meaning of social investment

In a must-read blog post Phil Caroe, Director of Social Finance at Allia, a charity that supports social ventures, writes about what exactly we mean when we talk about social investment. Caroe questions the methodology used by BCG and Big Society Capital which suggests that...