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Banks and social impact measurement

Should banks measure their social impact? A recent article, focusing on banking in the USA, argues exactly that - and suggests that the financial sector could learn a lot from the non-profit world about how to measure and evidence the impact they are having on...

Firms join Social Impact Investing Taskforce

Last year, the UK Government commissioned an independent Advisory Group to publish a report with recommendations for growing a culture of social impact investment and savings in the UK. Following publication of the Advisory Group’s report, Prime Minister Theresa May has now asked Elizabeth Corley, vice chair of Allianz...

New taskforce on social impact investing

The Prime Minister has commissioned an industry taskforce to progress the recommendations in the ‘Growing a Culture of Social Impact Investing in the UK’ report, released in November 2017. The taskforce will work on generating a faster rate of innovation in the financial services industry...


Forbes has an article this week on why millennials care more than previous generations about social impact investment. Sarah Landrum writes that the label of millennials being apathetic placed on them by elder generations is false. On the contrary, most millennials are hard workers, and...