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BEYOND TRADE-OFFS: Investor perspectives from across the continuum of impact investing

As impact investing grows, investors are beginning to better understand the relationship between risk, return, and impact. Beyond Trade-offs is a series that includes research from the Economist Intelligence Unit on the factors driving this growth, and perspectives from leading investors who have moved beyond the trade-off debate to...

GIIN Investor Forum 2018

This year’s GIIN Investor Forum 2018 will be the largest global gathering of impact investors. Join us on the 30-31 October in Paris to meet with peers, potential partners and co-investors from around the world. The Forum provides a unique opportunity to gain insights from industry...

Social Investment Intelligence Network releases its first report

While there is plenty of available research on the demand from investors for social investment opportunities – and periodic research into the demand for finance from charities and social enterprises – there is little ongoing, up-to-date information available about the nature of this demand for...

New taskforce on social impact investing

The Prime Minister has commissioned an industry taskforce to progress the recommendations in the ‘Growing a Culture of Social Impact Investing in the UK’ report, released in November 2017. The taskforce will work on generating a faster rate of innovation in the financial services industry...

Should we scrap the phrase ‘investment readiness’?

Should we scrap the phrase ‘investment readiness’? Nick Temple, the new CEO of the Social Investment Business, argues in Civil Society that too much support is focussed on getting social enterprises and charities ready for one potential outcome, rather than strengthening their flexibility, resilience and...